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  • Save St. Sebastian's Church from Demolition - Keep Signing it is working!!
    St. Sebastian's Church has been relegated and it is the intent of the Diocese of Toledo to raze the structure sometime around February 18, 2018.
  • Stop Mandatory On Campus Housing
    At CSUM, plan is to require on-campus housing starting fall 2018. Together we can stop the possible mandatory on-campus living starting the fall of 2018.
  • Justice for Kayla
    Kayla Elizabeth Adkins, mother of young daughters, was brutally murdered. Now, the accused and confessed murderer is requesting home confinement until trial - and this petition opposes it.
  • Save Balmoral and East Memphis Neighborhoods
    Locals oppose proposal by Balmoral Shopping Center because of potential safety problems and other issues for Memphis.
  • Unsanctioned Camping is Unsafe! Fully Fund Compassionate Intervention!
    This petition allows the City of Seattle to continue its compassionate efforts to clean up dangerous and illegal encampments in public places, because they are unsafe and unhealthy and reverse the progress made in moving people off the street into housing. By signing this petition, you are protecting the City's residents, environment, lands and structures.
  • Come together to save healthcare!
    We ask the United States Congress to come together and find a system to save the healthcare market in the United States. This is not about political affiliations, it's for the benefit of all of us today and future generations.
  • Reuniting a father with his daughter
    This petition asks that we reform the immigration requirements that prevent children under 21 sponsoring their parents for a US Visa.
  • Florida Cannabis Act (Recreational Marijuana 2018) YourCannaLife
    Under the amendment, marijuana would be treated like alcohol—it would be prohibited for residents under 21 years of age, consumers would need to show proof of age before purchasing marijuana from retail facilities and it would be illegal for anyone to drive while impaired or under the influence of marijuana. The amendment also outlines regulations for marijuana cultivation, retail marijuana sales, and manufacturing marijuana products.
  • Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WRMSDs)
    The need to improve ergonomic conditions for Diagnostic Medical Sonographers and Vascular Technologists. This petition is designed to be introduced to leading, worldwide governing bodies of Ultrasound in a medical setting.